Steve Cox ’78: “White Center’s Superman”


Courtesy: King County Sheriff’s Office

Steve Cox was a King County Sheriff’s Deputy and beloved community leader.

Steven E. Cox grew up in the Shorewood neighborhood and attended Evergreen High School, graduating in 1978.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University and and his law degree from Willamette University in Salem, OR.

Steve began his law career in the Tri Cities where he served as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of Franklin County.  Later, Steve took a position as a prosecutor in King County, but soon gave that up to pursue his lifelong desire to become a police officer.

“One of Steve’s proudest moments was becoming a Deputy with the King County Sheriff’s Department, where he tirelessly devoted the last 9 years of his life. Many people go to work to make money. Steve went to work to make a difference.” – Steve’s family

Steve’s work in White Center, where he served for the last 3 years brought him back to his old neighborhood to make a difference. He was President of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, worked as a volunteer in the community, and was instrumental in formulating the Weed and Seed program.

“He made it clear that his goal in life was to go back and be a patrol officer. He was frustrated with what is frankly an imperfect system, and he wanted to always help people and make the community safer. He felt he could do that better back in law enforcement.” – Franklin County Prosecutor Steve Lowe

His passions in life were his family and serving his community, as well as working on his rental properties, exercising, loving his dogs, and being a devoted husband and father.

Steve lost his life in the line of duty on December 2, 2006.

In 2007, White Center Park was renamed Steve Cox Memorial Park in honor of the fallen King County Sheriff’s Deputy and beloved community leader.


Courtesy: B-Town Blog


Courtesy: B-Town Blog


Courtesy: B-Town Blog


Courtesy: B-Town Blog

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