DATSFILTHY: “Born and Raised in White Center”


DATSFILTHY is a White Center-based clothing brand founded and operated by Kimnang and Priscilla Seng, Theary Chhim and Phirum Mann.

Kimnang Seng ’03

Kimnang Seng was born and raised in White Center.  He graduated from Evergreen High School in 2003, where he served as ASB President.  Kimnang’s career spans grassroots nonprofits, social work & case management, and corporate sales.  Kimnang and his wife Priscilla both live in White Center with their two children.

In 2014, Kimnang and Priscilla founded a White Center-based clothing brand named DATSFILTHY, which produces t-shirts, crewneck sweaters and tank tops featuring iconic moments in Seattle sports history.


Courtesy: Kimnang Seng

Kimnang said that he wanted to create a clothing brand that reflected the culture and desires of the Pacific Northwest:  “We want to create products that resonate with this community (White Center), and communities like this.”

Kimnang describes DATSFILTHY as intercultural, urban streetwear and the epitome of inner city Seattle.  “We wanted to blend two cultures together: sportswear and streetwear,” he said.

So Kimnang taught himself the business of clothing and permitting, and founded the company with his wife.  They recruited friend and graphic designer JC Chhim ’05, as well as childhood friends Theary Chhim ’03 and Phirum Mann ’03 to help them turn their vision into reality.



Their first big hit was the Beast Quake, which celebrates Marshawn Lynch’s seismic 67-yard touchdown run in 2011.  The product sold out, was reprinted, and sold out again. Kimnang describes their graphical style as “abstract,” and says they find inspiration from street artists like Basquiat.

“I love it when average people wear our stuff,” Kimnang said. “I love it when I see a dad from our community wear our stuff.”

But above-average people wear DATSFILTHY too, including Pro Bowl Safety Kam Chancellor with a t-shirt commemorating his huge hit against the 49ers in 2012.



So what’s next for DATSFILTHY?  “One day we hope to have interns,” Kimnang said. “And sponsor a summer program that helps students develop their own business.  I’d love to go back to Evergreen one day to tell my story.”

Kimnang hopes to grow the business in a way that allows him to give back to individuals in the White Center community.  He wants to help spotlight and support local nonprofits, and inspire student artists to take their craft to the next level.

“I want to inspire other folks,” Kimnang said. “I want to give people a chance to be proud of where they came from, to say:DATSFILTHY is from White Center, and yes, I’m from that place too.'”

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